My teaching philosophy is to provoke and guide students towards self-discovery, i.e. to come to their own realizations and learn how to acquire knowledge for themselves. I, therefore, focus on teaching critical thinking skills and developing students’ understanding of concepts and appreciation of complexity, rather than on imparting fact-based knowledge. Rather than be seen as a ‘sage on the stage’, I want my students to view me as a collaborator and enabler of their own learning process.

This Fall 2018, I am teaching Science in Environmental Policy at New York University.

In Fall 2016, as a graduate student, I was offered the unique opportunity to teach an advanced undergraduate course titled “Environmental Governance”. In my first attempt to teach an entire course, I received an overall student evaluation of 4.1/5 for my teaching skills. Here is the syllabus.

In the future, I am interested in teaching and mentoring both graduate and undergraduate students.

Past Teaching Assistant assignments include:

Spring 2018 – “INFO1200: Information Ethics, Law and Policy”, with Dr. Steven Jackson at Cornell University

Fall 2017 – “NTRES3311: Environmental Governance”, with Dr. Steven Wolf at Cornell University (TA Effectiveness Rating: 4.3/5)

Spring 2017 – “NTRES22001: Society and Natural Resources”, with Dr. Richard Stedman at Cornell University

Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 – “PADM6040: Public Policy Capstone”, with Professor Laurie Miller at Cornell University