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Biodiversity Offsetting Policies

Biodiversity Offsetting

Objectives: Develop case studies of particular offset schemes to compare the institutional logics structuring biodiversity offset markets in the US and Europe.

Methods: Comparative Case Studies, Spatial Analysis

Analytical themes: Sociology of markets, political economy, rural studies

Collaborators: INRAE-France, Cornell University

Funding: Jefferson Foundation

Photo: My hand holding the American Burying Beetle in a Conservation Bank in Oklahoma, USA

Compensatory Afforestation

Objectives: Examine the recent momentum to institutionalize India’s Compensatory Afforestation program by studying the role of metrics and bureaucrats.

Methods: Historical analysis, case studies, semi-structured interviews.

Analytical Themes: Street-level bureaucrats, nature-based solutions, economic valuation

Funding: Sloan Foundation

Photo: A road in Dandeli National Park, Karnataka, India

Agri-environmental Policies

Objectives: Explore the role of models and metrics in rationalizing the distribution of conservation payments, specifically focused on US Farm Bill programs.

Methods: Spatial analysis, case studies in North Dakota, historic analysis

Analytical Themes: Sociology of quantification, ethnomethodology, street-level bureaucracy

Funding: US National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Photo: A livestock ranch in North Dakota, US

Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES)

Using Auction Theory to Design PES Schemes in Indonesia

Objective: To study how PES programs enroll participants and why it matters. Specifically, analyze the use of reverse auctions in the Cidanau PES program in Indonesia.

Methods: Ethnography, spatial analysis

Analytical Themes: Performativity, ethnomethodology, economics of auctions

Funding: Cornell University Internal Grants, ICRAF

Photo: A reverse auction being carried out in a village in the Cidanau Watershed, Indonesia

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