Policy Engagement

Carbon Offsetting

Wrote a piece for the Spring 2023 Protected Area Update in India about the problems in pegging climate policy around large afforestation initiatives

Big Data and the Environment

Was invited to write an essay for Public Books on what the recent momentum around Big Data and IoT means for the environment:

US Environmental Policy

September 2021

Guest presentation at the Defenders of Wildlife Center for Conservation Innovation Seminar Series on 15 September.

September 2021

Guest presentation at Michigan State University’s Hanover Forest Science Seminar on September 14th.

July 2021

Featured in a Slate article titled “Conservation Is One of the Easiest Things to Greenwash” by Colin Jerolmack. For the article, Colin and I talked about Biden’s conservation plan. I pointed out that US farmlands supported by Farm Bill conservation programs should not be considered conservation lands when meeting President Biden’s 30 by 30 vision.

Green New Deal

July 2019

Ghosh, R (2019) “Undoing the Bad Legacies of the New Deal: The Case of Agriculture”. In Public Administration Review’s Official Blog “Bully Pulpit”. Part of essays on “Green New Deal: Pathways to Low Carbon Economy.”

Asian Geo-Politics

Nageswaran, A. V., and Ghosh, R. Demystifying India-China Trade Possibilities. The Takshashila Institution: An Independent Networked Think Tank on India’s Strategic Affairs. 2011.

Bhaskaran, M., & Ghosh, R. (2010). Global Economic and Financial Crisis Impact on Developing Asia and Immediate Policy Implications. Report prepared for ADB, Manila.

Infrastructural Politics

Bhaskaran, M., & Ghosh, R. (2009) “A dynamic macro-economic case for the Sunda Straits Bridge in Indonesia.” Prepared for Undisclosed Client.

Bhaskaran, M., & Ghosh, R. (2008) “The Iskandar Development Region and Singapore.” Prepared for Undisclosed Client.

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