Policy-relevant writing

Green New Deal

Ghosh, R (2019) “Undoing the Bad Legacies of the New Deal: The Case of Agriculture”. In Public Administration Review’s Official Blog “Bully Pulpit”. Part of essays on “Green New Deal: Pathways to Low Carbon Economy.”

Asian Geo-Politics

Nageswaran, A. V., and Ghosh, R. Demystifying India-China Trade Possibilities. The Takshashila Institution: An Independent Networked Think Tank on India’s Strategic Affairs. 2011.

Bhaskaran, M., & Ghosh, R. (2010). Global Economic and Financial Crisis Impact on Developing Asia and Immediate Policy Implications. Report prepared for ADB, Manila.

Infrastructural Politics

Bhaskaran, M., & Ghosh, R. (2009) “A dynamic macro-economic case for the Sunda Straits Bridge in Indonesia.” Prepared for Undisclosed Client.

Bhaskaran, M., & Ghosh, R. (2008) “The Iskandar Development Region and Singapore.” Prepared for Undisclosed Client.